Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Being a first year student in the COE (college of education), I'm not too familiar with the different programs. However, if I'm interested in creating, owning, and operating a school, shouldn't I be in Ed Admin?

For me EDEF 678 class interview my theme is classroom management. I'll be interviewing Mrs. Ikehara to understand her ideas behind classroom management.

I've pulled up several recent literature about classroom management. One article talked about general guidelines. Another talked about how the NCLB legislation has schools cutting down P.E., art, music and recess time in order to meet the legislation's mandates. However, the article stressed the importance of physical activities and other activities in order to develop the "whole child."

This makes me think about schoosl like Punahou where students spend hours and hours a week on P.E., music and art. Yet they still produce smart students. I'll be visiting Ms. ****** at Punahou tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to find out more.

Anyways, the other articles that I pulled up were about the effects of parent-teacher communication on students, effective use of time-out, and the use of humor in the classroom.

One of the main points in the time-out article, which makes sense now that I think about it, is that the most effective type of time-out is the exclusion time-out where the student is removed from the instructional setting in which the student wants to stay in.

The humor article said that humor is good for retention and recall.

The interesting thing I read about today in my language arts book was referring to "speaking" as "talking". Aslo, language arts is 6-tiered; reading, writing, listening, talking, viewing, and visual representation.

Today, I found out that one of the karate students got diagnosed with ADHD. I was shocked because ****'s a kid that is intelligent. However the recent problems seem to be that he can't control himself to concentrate for long periods of time, and he day dreams. I talked to Travis about it and he made me think that there's probably many people who are/were ADD or ADHD but learned to cope in one way or another and are well-rounded adults now.

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