Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's been FOREVER since my last update. I don't know...but something just hit me and told me I should update this blog...even though I know people don't really read this.

So, let's do a fast recap. I was at the first school collecting data from September to December. I spent over 200 hours there. I was at the second school from January to March...until the tragedy happened in Japan. I spent 150 hours there and had to make the executive decision to pull out of the country because of the uncertain living situations and continue my research in Portland, Oregon.

So, now I'm at the third and final school for data collection in Portland, Oregon. I've spent over 100 hours thus far and scheduled to be here until June.

I've heard back from a few conferences, but I had to turn some of them down because of the unexpected transition. I'll be going to Colorado for one of the conferences though.

Life's been pretty hectic, but last I talked to my advisor, we're shooting for a Spring 2012 graduation. We'll see...