Friday, September 24, 2010


Update Update Update! Read all about it!

Housing - I moved into my hole in the wall on 9/16. It's only for a year, so I think I can manage. It's nice and cozy, but it was a like a puzzle putting things away because there's no space! LoL. I ended up putting my shoes, books, and dry foods all in the shoe rack/box/closet. LoL

Certificate of Alien Registration Card - Picked up my card on 9/15, opened up a bank account, deposited my money to keep it safe, and paid the school's tuition. Oh, and along with my Certificate of Alien Registration Card, I also got health insurance too.

University of Tokyo - My first meeting with my advisor here is on 9/30. I'm a bit nervous.

Now, for the good stuff.

Week 1 of observation at the first school is done. How many more? 12? How did it go? Well, I thought it went quite well. I got to meet the teachers, and the students and spend the entire day with them. But I did run into a little bump in the road. One (or more, who knows?) didn't agree with my research question. Great...after ALL that work. *hrmph* So basically, after talking to my advisor, I had to ex-nay the part where they felt as those I was evaluating the school/teacher. That's fine. Less work for me.

Gotta stay strong and pull through. Tough times are there to make you a better, stronger person in the end. I believe.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


w00t! I'm writing this in Tokyo, Japan! I made it over! Here's a quick run down of what happened so far.

Student Visa - After waiting for nearly 2 month, I took my Certificate of Eligibility to the Japanese Consulate in Honolulu to apply for a student visa. This process usually takes 4 days. However, with some connection and push, I expedited the process to 1 day. So I pick up my student visa the next day and flew out to Japan! (Literally, the day I picked up my visa was the day I flew out!)

Housing - It took 10 days, but I FINALLY found a place to live for the year. Finding a place isn't easy, but it's even harder when you're a foreigner. They don't trust you. I don't blame them...but c'mon. With the help of Nippon Keidanren, I locked down a place. It's super duper uber small. There's a bed, and a desk. That's pretty much it. LoL. But it's fully furnished down to the sheets and towel, and electricity and water is included. Sweet deal!

Certificate of Alien Registration Card - Now that I have an address, I went down to the Ward Office to apply for this card. It takes 2 weeks for it to process. Without this card I can't open a bank account and/or pay for the school's tuition. The law requires the bank to confirm the person's address...without the Alien Registration Card, I have no proof.

School Observation 1 - I visited the first school I'll be observing. I thought I could start right away, but the school needs to inform their parents that I'll be around campus and I also need parent/student signatures approving me to observe. Hopefully by mid September I can start collecting data.

University of Tokyo - I visited the school and met a few important people in charge of the education department. They were all very nice and made me feel welcomed. They even have a "camp" for incoming foreign students that I will be joining! So excited!

So basically, I'm playing the waiting game at the moment. Waiting for the Alien Registration Card so I can open up a bank account and pay for school; Waiting for the school to notify and get parent/student signatures; Waiting for the university to start.