Monday, January 26, 2009


I pray that I passed my Praxis, even though I realized I wrote the answer to #19 in the space for #20 when there was less than 10 minutes left in the exam...leaving me with no choice but leaving my answer for #19 for #20 and copying what I wrote over to the space for #19. Er* Please pass me...

Anyways, yes, it's been a while since I wrote anything...again. Since classes at UH started and my student teaching at Chaminade has officially kicked into full gear...hopefully I'll have more academic things on my mind. Which will in turn get me to write more in this blog. Which in turn will get me to think about my dissertation more. *hopeful*

Today in my EDEA 629 Educational Statistics class, I told the professor about my idea about doing my research on humor in the classroom...kind of like a case study. So he replied that I would need to incorporate classroom observational data in which I use some sort of coding system. (Yes = 1, No = 0) Is the humor spontaneous? Is it intentional? Is it student initiated? Is it teacher initiated? He pointed me in the direction of looking at different types of data collection technique such as on task / off task, or even questioning strategies in order to adopt it to fit my needs.

As for now, it looks as though I'll be trying out this 'humor in the classroom' as a topic. I'll narrow it down when the time comes.

I'm student teaching as I do all of this thinking...Good thing I'm only taking one class at UH this semester. It is very stressful / nerve wreaking to know that I'm being graded on how well, or in some cases how badly, I'm teaching. I guess overall my first observation didn't go so bad. Next will be a longer period. Hopefully I'll do better!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's January 3, 2009....around 2AM in the morning...and guess what, no dissertation topic. I need to set a different date as my goal for deciding my dissertation topic. about June 1, 2009. That gives me enough time, right? Another semester to think things over.

And yes, I've been slacking recently because of the whole holiday season. Finals ended, then it was Christmas, then New Years...and now I must study for my final Praxis Exam. Hopefully this will be the last and final exam. (Meaning, I'll pass and won't have to re-take it.)

Ok, so it's waaaaay beyond my bedtime. Must get my beauty sleep. Goodnight world.

OH! I know, how about my New Years Resolution? to get my dissertation topic, and write at least a chapter or two by the end of the year! That's a good one....right? Oh, I'll give it more thought later. For now, I must go to sleep.