Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's January 3, 2009....around 2AM in the morning...and guess what, no dissertation topic. I need to set a different date as my goal for deciding my dissertation topic. about June 1, 2009. That gives me enough time, right? Another semester to think things over.

And yes, I've been slacking recently because of the whole holiday season. Finals ended, then it was Christmas, then New Years...and now I must study for my final Praxis Exam. Hopefully this will be the last and final exam. (Meaning, I'll pass and won't have to re-take it.)

Ok, so it's waaaaay beyond my bedtime. Must get my beauty sleep. Goodnight world.

OH! I know, how about my New Years Resolution? to get my dissertation topic, and write at least a chapter or two by the end of the year! That's a good one....right? Oh, I'll give it more thought later. For now, I must go to sleep.

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