Friday, October 24, 2008


A colleague of mine recommended that I do this summer program. ( She said that it was a great experience and it fulfills the requirements for the three credits needed for field study. The deadline to apply for the program is October 31st, but I don't know if I should apply or not. Maybe I should apply, and if I get in, then it means I was meant to do the program?

By the way, I substituted again today. It was for one of the other 4th grade classes. Today, they went on a field trip to a fish pond located in Kaneohe. Each station seemed rushed, but overall I think it was a great learning experience for the students. The most exciting part was when they allowed the students to fish for crab. They had long sticks with strings attached to them. At the end was a paperclip with part of a fish as bait. The students would dangle it near the edge of the fish pond and crabs would attack it. I was amazed at how big the crabs were...4 inches or so wide!

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