Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So I was debating whether or not to do the summer program. But I just received an email from my interim advisor and it said:

I'm paraphrasing below some info from our program's graduate chair.

EDUC 740 is an individually designed requirement done with an advisor. Usually, a student waits until the end of their coursework to fulfill this requirement. If a student has not had much varied professional experience, some sort of internship could be established in that area. For example, a student in policy studies might work with the state legislature or in other areas might attend an institute on the mainland. As for the latter, one of my students, a community college professor, attended a high powered assessment in higher education institute and wrote up a report about it for her 740. Another doctoral student wrote most of the ESL framework for the DOE. Another did a pilot study as preliminary to her dissertation. Others have worked as volunteer research assistants to a professor on a project and thereby have learned more about actually doing research. So there are lots of possibilities.

So I thinking maybe I'll do a pilot study to fulfill the requirement of EDUC 740? A pilot study of what? I'm not sure...

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