Saturday, August 7, 2010


Here's an update. I rewrote my research questions:

Dual Language Education:
Main: What are the mission, purposes, structure, and program characteristics of dual language education in international schools in Japan?
Sub: What are the characteristics of the school setting, features of the program, personnel and participants involved? How is the curriculum and instruction organized?

Within Students' General Education:
Main: What are the essential educational experiences that underlie students' learning within these types of dual language education programs in international schools?
Sub: How do students understand these experiences? What parent processes (i.e., values, goals, behavior) underlie the roles parents play in supporting student learning? How do teachers structure and influence student learning activities in the classroom? What other features of schools appear to support the learning process in these types of schools?

Main: Are there any discrepancies between the schools' mission and values and what students actually experience?
Sub: What meanings do participants (e.g., students, teachers, and parents) attach to those discrepancies?

So, a little birdy named, Fred, told me I don't need my Visa. muahahaha. So, I booked my flight and getting ready to leave for Japan. (Fred is a made up character in my world.) I've been saying my goodbyes and slowly packing, while attempting to rewrite my first chapter.

I also got my first scholarship check in the mail today! $10,000 to my name! I'm excited.

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