Saturday, August 21, 2010


Initially I didn't think I'd still be around for COEDSA's orientation, so I didn't sign up to help with anything...but I'm still here! So I decided to go help the orientation. I ended up being on the student panel to share my journey so far with the new incoming phd students.

Two most important thing I can share:
1) Take breaks to do what you enjoy.
2) Research what you REALLY want to do.

When I first began this journey...somewhere along the lines...someone told me I shouldn't REALLY do what I am interested in since I'll get burnt out and lose interest. So I decided on the whole "humor in the classroom" theme. Well, that didn't go very well. My advice, stick to what you really want to research.

Oh, and after speaking, one guy, Jesse, even came up to me after to ask further about my studies and plan. It was nice to know that someone actually cared enough to follow up on what I said. ^__^

As for when I'm leaving to go to Japan, still no date.

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