Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yet another milestone in my "road to a completed dissertation"!

I am looking at the acceptance letter from Tokyo University! Yes, Tokyo University. Although I did receive a scholarship to go study in Japan for a year, that did not come with a "free" entry into a university. I needed to apply to see which university would accept me as a research student to conduct my research. I was looking to return to Keio University, where I attended for undergraduate, but I thought why go back when I can get another "brand" name attached to my name. How about Tokyo University?...THE number ONE university in Japan. Why not? Let's give it a shot...was my thoughts.

To my surprise, I have been accepted and will be going to Tokyo University for a year to conduct my research. Words can't express how happy I am. It's like being 2nd/3rd tier your entire life and all of a sudden you reach 1st tier. That kind of feeling? You get my point.

Still have lots to tackle though. Here is the list:
-Dissertation committee approved
-Dissertation proposal accepted by committee members
-Research approved by University of Hawaii

Alright. I did my happy dance. It's crunch time. Back to my desk.


sojufied said...

I thought there'd be an update here. LoL. Congrats Shay! Only the elite of the elite find their way to Todai, and now you can proudly say you're one of them! You know better than anyone how much more hard work there is from this point on, but wow, what a major step forward you've made! ^__^

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