Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday marked THE last class. Yes, THE last class I need to take for my Ph.D. Of course I still need to do comps and write the dissertation, but NO more course work. What a relief, yet a hint of sadness.

But I see it as, this is where the REAL work begins. Up until now, I had a professor that told me read this by next week, write this by the following, etc. Now, I'm the BOSS! I decide what I need to read and when I should have things written by. This requires LOADS of self discipline. Thank goodness I have some. ...enough to get a black belt in karate that is. LoL.

So, now that the real work begins...am I no longer a graduate student, but a researcher? LoL.

Good luck to me!

Oh, and a side note. A special someone got me an iPad as a congrats-for-finishing-course-work. Of course I needed it to sound like an iPad is a tool I NEED in order to conduct my research. LoL.

Happy studying!


sojufied said...

Congrats! Kinda the next chapter of your life, huh? I know you have all that it takes! ^___^

WeHeartHawaii said...

Congratulations Shay, all of your hard work, long nights and endless caffeine breaks have paid off. Things will only get better for you.

With that said, you know I need to add something on a less serious note...cause that just wouldn't be me wouldn't it? So put the iPad down, stop playing Angry Bird and get back to work!!